Committed to improving design education.

In the past 15 years, Antonio Larosa -as logical progression in his prolific career- decided to invest in new design talents by teaching and directing design programs at prestigeous American universities. Antonio’s teaching philosophy emphasized collaboration and hands-on projects, aimed at preparing students for the demands of professional design practice. He played a pivotal role in organizing study trips to North America and Italy, facilitating visits to design studios, galleries, museums, and factories, thereby broadening students’ exposure to the real-world design landscape.

As a professor and chairman, Mr. Larosa revolutionized furniture design education in North America by bridging the gap between academia and industry, enhancing curricular offerings, and fostering meaningful connections between students and the design profession. While he transitioned from academia in 2011, Antonio continues to contribute as a judge for design competitions and a guest lecturer on various design topics.

Renowned for his visionary approach, Antonio has spearheaded numerous innovative design initiatives in the United States, including the Furniture Revolution Gallery at NeoCon and the Furniture Design Summit—the inaugural conference dedicated solely to furniture design, which united manufacturers, designers, and students in a collaborative forum.


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