The Rationalist GT Bench

Created for public spaces, the GT bench design was inspired by the Palazzo Terragni (formerly known as Casa del Fascio) located Lissone, Italy. The building (pictured below) was designed in 1938 by the master of Rationalist architecture, Giuseppe Terragni.  The clean design of the bench, the selection of materials and finishes are blending together exceptionally. At first glance the bench even looks like a miniature Palazzo Terragni.  Larosa named the bench GT in honor of the rationalist architect and the city of Lissone but this product is also a masterpiece of sustainability as well. Structure made of solid aluminum, seat made of composite wood slats or man-made stone. Antonio Larosa designed the GT bench from recycled materials and to be completely recyclable! …but seriously, who wants to convert into reusable material such a beauty? Buy GT and keep it forever!

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