Where food and design meet

Thanks to the love for cooking that Antonio Larosa has designed also few unique products celebrating food. Furniture with a strong image but very comfortable and practical. Some of these, designed mainly for fun, have been put into production and sold all over the world. Prosecco Stool, The Ravioli Chair, Bacchus Bench, Bean Table, are some examples of furniture designed by Larosa with food in mind.

Prosecco is a fun stool originally designed many years ago by Antonio Larosa for the organizers of Vinitaly (world’s largest wine show). Available upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather. Prosecco is a great product for wine bars, restaurants, coffee houses, clubs, offices, lobbies …or even makeup station at home. Beware of knock-offs!

Originally designed by Antonio Larosa as a contract piece for the EXPO 2015 in Milan (“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”), the Ravioli chair is a fun, strong and comfortable chair. Ravioli is perfect for all commercial or residential interiors looking for a unique and unusual chair. The structure is chromed tubular steel. Seat and back available upholstered in leather, fabric, and selected faux-leather for use in restaurants.

Ravioli Chair …also with red sauce!

Bacchus is a large seating made in the shape of grapes. Entirely upholstered with a material made by using the skins, seeds and stalks of the grapes that are obtained during the production of wine. It can be upholstered also in leather, fabric, faux-leather. It consists of 14 assembled upholstered units to resemble grapes and leaf.

Bean is a sleek and very useful side table to be kept near the armchair and sofa. Made with painted or chromed steel legs, top in painted mdf. The top can be also covered in high quality Italian leather.

Bean Table by Antonio Larosa

And finally here are some examples of food made by designer Antonio Larosa using ingredients from his Arizona garden …enjoy the gallery!


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