Prof. Robert Wolf – Director, School of Design – ASU (’97)

“I consider Tony Larosa as an independent, highly creative designer/educator whose work shows a strong background in interior architecture and furniture design.  As a highly creative individual his teaching and ideas does not conform to the prevailing norms of design educators… he has a broad capacity for ideas and problem solving, all based on a truly international perspective… is comparable to the most accomplished faculty with whom I have worked. “

Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini, Architect. Milan, Italy

“I know Tony Larosa for long time. Since he has been living in the USA I have been in contact with him on numerous occasions… He had me involved in important exhibitions and projects he coordinated at museums and art galleries…”

Dennis M.

I retained Antonio Larosa to design and monitor the renovation of my home… The appearance of our finished project turned out even better than my wife and I had imagined. It is beautiful and functional.  During the project he developed a good feel for our tastes and was very careful and became someone whose judgment we trust completely.  Tony helped us make great decisions about the colors, lighting & textures to be used. He focused on many details which we would have overlooked.  Once the project was completed we realized the importance of such details and foresight on Tony’s part.