Italy Contract

Italy is renowned for its sleek and beautiful furniture designs. However, in addition to being beautiful, contract furniture should be durable and able to withstand heavy use. Well-built beautiful furniture can reflect the image of a space, making it more welcoming to potential customers or clients, but looks alone are not always enough.

For this reason, in 2007, Antonio Larosa, a design consultant with over 25 years of experience in the American market, created Italy Contract to provide expert guidance for US contract furniture.  Italy Contract will assist you in selecting beautiful, high-quality Italian-made furniture for your environment and help ensure your selections will be robust enough to be used in addition to being admired. The manufacturers and artisans selected to be part of this elite group of furniture makers have many years of experience in this industry. All furniture selected by Italy Contract is designed and built specifically to help you create ideal indoor and outdoor contract spaces.

The furniture made by the companies we collaborate with has been successfully installed all over the United States, from Las Vegas to New York, Miami to Seattle, Phoenix to Minneapolis – coast to coast and border to border!  In this gallery you will see a very small sample of installations around the USA.

We consult with designers, exhibit in various events and even arrange visits to the factories. If you are in the market for quality contract furniture (production or custom) send an email to info @ furniturepromotion . com and we are happy to discuss all your furniture needs.


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